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Audi RS Q e-tron

2020 – now, via REBEL Media GmbH

From the first sketch to the first test, I photograph the development and operation of the unique Audi RS Q e-tron rally car with its electric drive train – whether in Audi Sport's workshops or in the deserts of Morocco and Saudi Arabia during tests for Rally Dakar. My photos are used for global campaigns, social media channels with millions of impressions and articles in motorsport magazines. In the process, I also accompany the whole racing team and keep an eye on everything that happens in the background: From emotional moments, throwbacks and successes, to technical details.

Audi S1 Hoonitron

2020 – 2023, via REBEL Media GmbH

I have also been involved in the development of the Audi S1 Hoonitron since the very beginning. I photographed in dense clouds of smoking tires as Ken Block drifted for the first time with this electric sports car when a new discipline was born: Electrikhana. Here too, I documented next to all the action how a clay block became a car and every single screw was tweaked. These pictures were also seen millions of times by enthusiastic fans on digital platforms.

Ticketheimat GmbH w/ CTS Eventim GmbH

2020 – now

I concepted and developed an all-new website for a well-known provider of concert tickets. I optimized scripts, server configurations and huge databases to increase traffic and to ensure a reliable and secure operation of the website. I also counteract negative changes that have occurred due to the global pandemic with regard to events in order to be able to offer everything as usual again. In the meantime, tickets for over 80,000 events can be purchased again. The sale is enriched with tailored editorial content and the results of search requests become more and more user-specific through ongoing machine learning.

CUPRA (SEAT Deutschland GmbH)

2018 – now, via REBEL Media GmbH

For CUPRA I create and retouch photos intended for retail. From the first event when the brand was launched to big trade shows and stunning sceneries for beauty shots, I am available as photographer and editor – for example under polar lights on Iceland or in Barcelona's vibrant areas. On film sets, I additionally work as a technical genius providing content advice for film directors with deep knowledge when shooting car commercials featuring e-mobility, connectivity and USP of new models.

Tibet Initiative Deutschland e.V.

2023 – now

To generate attention for the worldwide politically tense situation, I support this association with photo documentations that gain external impact.

Eurovision Song Contest w/ NDR, EBU and ABC

2011 – 2022

For the most viewed song competition in the world, I remotely handled the photo editing during the entire TV show and delivered real-time material for the largest stock photo providers. In addition, Germany's most important website on this topic was also fed with these photos and the associated social media channels were left running hot.

Reeperbahn Festival w/ NDR and arte

2010 – 2021

I have accompanied the club festival in Hamburg for many years. I photographed artists, crowds and atmospheric moments. In the process, I have also supported the NDR and arte photo editorial departments to keep their websites and social media channels up-to-date.

Hola Utopia Street Art Festival w/ Montana Cans

2020, via REBEL Media GmbH

While large murals were created on buildings during the street art festival in Hannover, I photographed artists and artworks. The photos were printed on the front page of the art feuilleton in the Germany-wide edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and have been used digitally many times. Afterwards the photos were even used for city light campaigns to promote upcoming events.

Hurricane Festival w/ NDR and arte

2018 – 2019

At this festival, rain or shine, I documented the action and provided content for the photo editors. The social media channels of the festival and some of the artists were populated with my pictures.

Wacken Open Air w/ NDR and WOA Festival GmbH

2011 – 2019

Again, I captured the action during the festival with my photo cameras. Additionally I took care of the technical infrastructure for the IP broadcasting of concerts w/ TV SNG trucks.

NDR system service

2012 – 2016, as an employee

As scholarship holder, I administered and maintained critical HF satellite, coaxial and IP broadcast systems, large fiber-optic IT networks and hot-plugged gear – mainly under the hood to ensure stable media transmission while active operation at the entire NDR and ARD TV studio campus in Hamburg during my studies of electrical engineering.

NDR internet editorial office and media laboratory

2011 – 2016, as an employee

After my apprenticeship as media designer, I supported the development of the first all-new media lab for trimedial content creation at NDR, supervised website relaunches, and assisted internet editorial teams to integrate asynchronous Web 2.0 features.