Hi! I am Julian – a freelance media designer from Hamburg with more than two decades of experience and passion for HCI, especially UX. Creating digital solutions for unique target markets in the advertising and distribution industry is one of my key skills.

When the internet was still in its infancy, I was already building my first web pages with media approaches. Since then I am on the cutting edge when it comes to full stack web development. Now focused on the evolving Web3 culture. This enables me to merge creativity and technology to get the best out of these unifying worlds.

In 2011 I completed my apprenticeship as media designer at the public broadcaster NDR. During my studies of electrical engineering at TUHH, I administered satellite broadcast headends as scholarship holder for the famous ARD Tagesschau TV studios and kept a tiny part of the WWW as webmaster for top ranked websites alive.

Today, I project and develop entire websites from scratch, customize CMS and frameworks to emphasize USP. I love the challenge of increasing organic site traffic through precise SEO, based on targeted web analytics. Consulting companies on infosec and risk management is also one of my tasks. I am well-connected with a wide variety of talented IT specialists to solve almost any incident fast and reliable for millions of internet users.

When my eyes become square, I photograph from time to time above the polar circle, in the high mountains on frozen lakes to blazing hot deserts in the tropics for well-known brands. I portray famous faces from sports or music and create automotive content.


Phone: +49 1517 4422543
Mail: hello@rausche.media
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